KappaChat is an extensible [matrix] client for POSIX-like systems(mainly Linux), written mainly in C99.

What about extensibility?

It is extensible in the sense that a feature should be easily implementable as an "extension", be it user-provided, or official, and the latter should be easily replacable by a community one.

For example, a community extension could implement an administration interface for a specific homeserver or bot, add a cosmetic feature, or be used to implement a proposal for testing.

So it's only for C?

Any old compiled language could probably work with KappaChat, given that one writes a 'bridging' interface between the two.

For interpreted languages, KappaChat should allow you to write an ""extension"" that actually spawns other extensions(written in the interpreted language), thus allowing support for said language.

Where can I grab it?

You can't, this project is on it's infancy right now. However, you can look at it on the forge(servers for the Forgejo instance are currently down, thank Contabo).

Why KappaChat?

Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me.